Marbella Club Resort – Marbella Club Golf Resort

Horse Riding

The Equestrian Centre started out as small stables within the Marbella Club Golf Resort, geared for hacking and hose riding for the hotel's clients enjoying their Marbella holiday. There is an equine luxury to it all, from the 36 large boxes with Monarch Victorian fronts to the horses' golden grass, imported from Lithuania on a monthly basis.

A state of the art 4,500 square meter arena has been added to the complex, the most modern in Europe and one of only two in the whole of Spain, which contains a mixture of sand and geo-textile, ideal for the horses’ hooves. The client will walk past wooden stalls that house the Resort's own horses, past Arabian, Spanish, German and French stallions. Opposite are the 13 square meter boxes used by livery clients. High level show jumpers, dressage horses, others geared for long distance and endurance riding.

Private horses depend on their owners, but hacks and tours are available to hotel guests, even if they have never sat on a horse before. First, riders are checked out in the arena to make sure they are capable of managing the horse. Once the level of skill has been determined, they set off into unspoiled countryside, down the river valleys, across mountains with spectacular views of the Mediterranean and along a protected path, Cañada Real, used since medieval times.

In transforming the concept, a top-of-the-line stables was born that now plays host to important show jumping competitions and horse riding events.